medals-in-frameCanadian Battlefield Tours is a Battlefield Tour Company, specializing in the Canadian actions in WW1 and the Canadian and British actions in WW2.

Our aim is to provide to you with a very unique experience while in Europe. If you were in the Canadian Military, have friends or family that have served in the Canadian Military, or have an interest in military history, our tours will provide you with an unparalleled experience relative to the Canadian battles in WW1 and the Canadian, British and Polish battles in WW2.

Our tours are private, custom tours designed to be intimate and personal. They are available on a first come first serve basis to anyone and will especially appeal to relatives of Canadian front line soldiers who were at the “sharp edge” and saw action in these theatres. To accomplish this we have restricted the size of our groups to 1 to 4 people. A personal tour, with pick-up at your hotel, may cost more when compared with joining a fixed-itinerary ‘bus’ tour, but the value, attention to detail, and personal touch is priceless. We feel it is by far and away the best way to see the battlefield. This is especially true, when this may be your one occasion to make the visit of your lifetime, making your battlefield visit a seamless experience. A personal tour is also better suited for the quiet exploration and reflection of past events, without the possible distraction of others making up your group – and the need for the tour leader to stick to a fixed time schedule!

Conducted (usually bus) tours, whether large or small, understandably, require you to comply with a fairly strict itinerary. The reason for this, is that the larger bus tours tend to take you primarily, to the better known monuments, museums and cemeteries.

Of course, with us, you will also visit these same monuments, museums and cemeteries, but always, with us, you will see so much more. For example, by the sheer size of their buses or coaches, they are unable to navigate the narrow farm tracks/roads, etc., to where some of the most poignant events took place. We don’t have those problems and our tours by their very nature, will take you through some of the most beautiful, scenic countryside you will ever see, usually on good quality, paved “back roads. We try to avoid, where possible, the extremely busy main highways. If you travel as part of a large group you may become frustrated by not being able to explore the landscape and ‘follow your nose’ to uncover the legacy of the battlefields. It can also be frustrating to be told to get back on the bus, to be herded to the next ‘must see’.

As noted above, our tours include visits to a select number of monuments, museums and beautiful Cemeteries, maintained and operated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. We also include a few select German cemeteries. Our tours are always flexible and will allow you the time you wish, to reminisce at the cemeteries. We will also make sure you have sufficient “free time” to enjoy other local tourist attractions.

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  • This must have been the most rescheduled tour in the history of CBT! After the original booking I think we had to make 5 different changes to the schedule! Thanks for your patience. This 2-day tour of Ypres and the Vimy area exceeded expectations. The tour guide, Jon Haslock (aka Old Blighty) set a brisk pace and we covered more ground than I expected. Jon had done his homework and made sure we visited the important sites involving my ancestors: Sgt Percy Cote, PPCLI; Sgt James Faulds, 25th Bn.; Sgt James McInnes, PPCLI. I had not expected we would visit the Somme area and Beaumont Hamel was a definite highlight. Vimy was spectacular and we went there twice. Our second visit was early in the morning on day 2 and it was especially moving as there were so few people there. The other highlight was laying a wreath at the Menin Gate. A very moving experience. What was also great about the tour was gaining an understanding of the importance of the ridges. You read about this aspect of the Great War in countless books and hear about it in various lectures, but until you actually stand there you just can’t appreciate how important the high ground was – and as you know it really wasn’t that high! At every stop along the tour we would take a moment to look at the land around us and we really ‘got it’! Maps don’t give you that perspective. I think that covers it. Thanks again for your patience and providing such a great tour. And by all means pass on our thanks to Jon.
    Cam and Ann Gordon
    Kitchener, ON
  • Hi Gary, I wanted to let you know, from my perspective, how great the tour was. Jon is an excellent guide. Very knowledgeable, very approachable and extremely nice! Jon went above and beyond. He took us through the footsteps of Mark's uncle, showed us approximately where he had been killed (in the middle of a farmer's field!) and took us to the cemetery where he was buried. He also took us to ALL of the places Mark had wanted to visit. It was such a fantastic, awesome yet sombre experience. He had bits of knowledge that we would never have learned anywhere else and that is priceless. We learned many new facts and Mark had so many questions, which Jon answered or he told us where we could find the answers. Jon is also well known in the area and had many tips for us. Mark and I live in Ladner, BC, which is about 15 minutes south of Vancouver. Mark is a firefighter with Vancouver Fire and he has been very vocal telling his colleagues about how wonderful his tour was! I work for London Drugs at the Head Office. It was Clint Mahlman, the CEO, who originally told me about your company and he raved about how well the tour was run and how impactful it was. I have to agree. Thank you once again. I will definitely be talking about how fantastic our tour was and recommending your company. Sincerely, Gabriela Whincup ** Gabriela and her husband Mark took a WWI Pilgrimage Tour. I’m very pleased that the tour exceeded all their expectations.  
    Gabriela Whincup
    Ladner, BC
  • We were so pleased with both of our tours. We are still amazed at how knowledgeable and passionate your guides were. Each tour day was well organized and informative. They had researched my father’s regiment and knew each location where he may have encountered a battle. Although these locations looked entirely different today, seeing the landscape made it easier for us to envision what took place. It was nice to talk with the local property owners too as they also knew the history of their properties and were able to tell us even more. The guides were very helpful in translating when needed. We can assure you that you do have the very best guides. They were outstanding not only in their guiding but also their kindness. We really appreciate all the work they do to keep this bit of history from being forgotten. Thank you for making this a memorable moment for us.
    Scott and Rosalie Brent
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Gary, We've just finished the WWI Tour. Jon saw to it that I visited all the important sites and battles where my Uncle's would have been involved! Very thoroughly done. We stopped at their Tearoom where I met his wife and even mother-in-law! Nice people! Thank you for setting this up. I could not have accomplished this on my own. The man knows how to drive this part of France, and how! Far from what I could have accomplished If I could help you or Jon with recommends, please don't hesitate to refer to me. Thank you!
    Frank Bucknum
    Victoria, BC
  • I thought that I should also send you an email regarding the tour that I had with Jon. I didn’t know that Gabriela had kept this a secret from me for over two years. When I found out that I was going on a private tour to see the battlefield areas of WW1 I still didn’t even know that I was going to the places that my great uncle would have been back in 1917. When I found out that what we were going to do I was so excited. I listened to the stories that Jon was telling us about the different sites that we stopped at, like a kid in a candy store. It was so emotional to see where my Uncle had battled, where he probably died and where he was buried. Jon was exceptionally knowledgeable on all the areas we went to. When we arrived at Vimy Ridge and I stood on the monument I have never felt prouder to be a Canadian. Jon took us to spots that I would have never known or been able to understand what happened at these sites if it wasn’t for him. This trip was amazing and I would recommend this to anyone that wants the best experience to see the WW1 spots. I never found out how much this experience costed or don’t care to know. Seeing this was an experience of a life time and you can not put a price on that. Thank you for this experience and if there is anything else you need from me regarding Jon I’m more than happy to help out.
    Mark Whincup
    Vancouver, BC
  • This was a very moving, well lead tour, with important details told in an engaging manner.  It was worth every penny, and then some.
    Tim and Carolyn Darling
  • The day with Robin, in Normandy, was more than expected, and he was an extraordinary host. We thank you, and Robin, for a very memorable day.
    Christina and Wayne Bornstein
    Waterloo, ON
  • Our tour involved two days on the WW I battlefields in France and Belgium and one day exploring WWII battlefields from Juno beach to Caen. Jim Smithson, our guide for the WWI battlefields, was very knowledgeable and entertaining. We had two very full and busy days and learned a great deal about the experiences and sacrifices of the soldiers of the Canadian corps. We spent the first day touring the Somme battlefields, memorials and graveyards, including Vimy Ridge and the Newfoundland memorial at Beaumont-Hamel. The next day we went to Flanders in Belgium and explored the Passchendaele battlefields and witnessed the last post ceremony held every night at 8:00 pm in Ypres, which was a very moving experience.  Jim has a wealth of information on WWI and gave us many insights into the battles and the experiences of Canadian and Commonwealth soldiers. Robin Burrows-Ellis, our guide for the tour of the WWII battlefields, was also very knowledgeable and entertaining. My wife’s uncle Philip (who died before she was born) was killed on July 21st in battle around Mondeville, south of Caen only two weeks after landing in Normandy. He was a private with The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada. Robin did a great job of researching and tracing Philip’s steps from Juno beach to the area where he was killed. We visited the various locations where his battalion engaged the Germans in battle, including the location where he died.  Robin was very well prepared with battle maps and was able to obtain transcripts of radio communications by Philip’s battalion on the day he was killed which gave a blow by blow account of the battle. You could close your eyes and almost imagine the terror of being in this situation. We finished our tour at the Bretteville-sur-Laize  Canadian War Cemetery near Caen where Robin located Philip’s gravestone. We placed a small Canadian flag and some flowers near his gravestone and Robin read a poem. It was a very moving experience for us, even though we had never met Philip. I have no hesitation in recommending your company and Jim and Robin as great guides for those wishing to visit WWI and WWII battlefields and memorials with a focus on the Canadian and Commonwealth wartime experience.
    David & Michelle Mydske
    West Vancouver, BC
  • I thought John did a great job of taking us through the tour. He was well researched on our Uncle Jim’s service, I believe in part because we provided him with the 75 pages of service record from Ottawa. Also he did a good bit of research through the Canadian War Dairies to determine where Jim was and where he sustained his wounds. John was barraged by my brother Scott throughout our tour and I thought did a splendid job of answering all our questions. Although I think he was happy to see the last of us as we exhausted him through our many inquiries.
    Jamie, Scott & Fraser McTavish
    Vancouver, BC & Markham, Ontario
  • Just a quick note to thank you for the tour. I've had time now to review the war diaries and photo's that Robin provided for us and will be sending copies to my sister and brother in law as well. Robin did some excellent and deep research into the South Alberta's and consequently was able to take us exactly to the locations of where "C" squadron and John Barnett would have been during August of 1944. The planning and level of detail made the trip more than worthwhile. Thank you again for the good work.
    Todd Lemieux
    Nanton, Alberta
  • Firstly, we wanted to thank you for the tour, we were quite happy with everything.  John was very knowledgeable and provided excellent opportunities to experience the many different aspects of the conflict.  Being able to see the French memorial at Notre Dame de Lorette, or the Langemark German cemetery provided perspective that we were not likely to get with some other tours. John also was kind enough to order up some glorious weather to enjoy the tour. When we spoke to John about what we wanted to achieve during the tour, we stated that we wanted to visit some less travelled memorials and he managed to find some excellent locations. Again, thank you for everything, and please pass along our thanks to John.
    Dawn and Joe Barbosa
    London, Ontario
  • The tours with Robin and Jon were excellent and met all of my expectations. Both guides were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their respective areas of expertise. I was very pleased with the requested focus on Canadian contributions to the battlefields and war efforts of WWI and WWII. Both guides were also flexible enough to incorporate visits to sites that I showed secondary interest in during the tour (e.g., Omaha beach and a WWI Portuguese war cemetery). Robin's researched storytelling approach to site visits was quite unique and provided me with some of the most poignant moments of my 5-day tour. Jon was a walking WWI encyclopedia and was able to answer all of the questions my curiosity could muster, including some I forgot to ask Robin in the first leg! Thanks again to you and your guides for accommodating me on what I now certainly appreciate was short notice for such a customized experience. The trip provided me with memories that I will recount and reflect on for a lifetime.
    David Catarino
    Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Our experience with Jim, without a doubt, exceeded our expectations. He was personable, organized, well-prepared and knowledgeable. Each day, Jim arrived at the set time and off we’d go to battlefields, memorials and military cemeteries. The days were full, but well-paced with pleasant stops for lunch. Every excursion was augmented by maps past and present, historic photos and other materials. Jim's passion and sincerity when speaking about WWI and WWII, the experiences and sacrifices of those involved and respect for the fallen are especially noteworthy. We not only learned details, but also gained a deep appreciation for all sides of these gruesome conflicts. David and I really appreciated the added effort to provide more background concerning my grandfather’s and great-uncle’s military service. Visiting my great-uncle’s burial site and the location where he was fatally injured was especially poignant.
    Brenda & David Barry
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • We were very well impressed with the tour Jim gave us. We came with three different levels of knowledge and he was able to make it so we all got something from each stop. I know what a challenge that can be. Jim went above and beyond keeping up on where the crowds would be and helping us avoid them.
    Megan Nagtegaal
    Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
  • Our two days with Richard were absolutely perfect, exceeded any expectations we could possibly have. What a wonderful, personable, knowledgeable, compassionate man!  It was an amazing, educational and emotional two days!
    Kim MacKenzie
    Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada
  • We very much enjoyed our Normandy tour with Robin. It was a full day full of stories which made D-Day come alive. The Canadian cemetery was the most moving spot we visited.  Robin is very well informed and obviously passionate about making history come alive. We learned a great deal more than most tourists would from our day with him.
    Bev Noble & Brian Field, Lucan (Komoka)
    Ontario, Canada
  • The tour went very well. Our guide, was very knowledgeable about everything involving the Canadian campaign in Italy. He was also very enthusiastic, friendly, and a gracious host. He took us to several Canadian memorials in the Cassino/Liri Valley area and explained their history. He also took great effort to put special focus on the areas and points of interest that specifically involved where my Dad would have been with his regiment. I was very impressed by that. I truly feel it gave me a closer connection to what my Dad would have experienced, and where he was.
    Dwaine Balak
    Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Great day with Robert. He really set it up well and gave us the tour we wanted plus. Would recommend CBT and Robert highly.
    Glen Wright
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Robin was outstanding. He was engaging and enthusiastic, as well as knowledgeable. Robin brought documents, maps and photos to amplify his explanations. This was really helpful. After the tour, he gave us copies of a number of his papers for us to take, and to read at our leisure after the tour. One the best aspects of Robin’s delivery is the way he was able to personalize the events, by drawing on the stories of heroic acts by Allied soldiers and members of the French resistance. It was brilliant, and he had all the time in the world to spend to help us better understand and appreciate D-day events. Robin also provided directions which were instrumental to getting us to the Dieppe battle site… I don’t think we would have found it without his help.
    Peter Cameron & Brenda Reid
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day world war 1 tour last week. The tour guide you arranged, Jim, was very knowledgeable on the area and the subject. He customized the trip for us to focus on the Canadian role in WW1, which is what we were interested in. Jim also did additional research for us and identified cemeteries where two of my relatives were buried. He then worked these two cemeteries into the schedule so we could visit them in the context of the battles they fought in. It was a humbling and moving tour, made personal by finding my two relatives. We enjoyed our Canadian Battlefields tour and would highly recommend Jim as a guide for anyone interested in doing a similar tour.
    Rob & Jane Carrs
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Our Canadian Battlefields Tour exceeded our expectations.  Jim Smithson, our guide, was outstanding.  We would rate him as our best tour guide ever.  He is a historian with an in depth knowledge and understanding of the history of Canadian WWI battlefields. Jim took us on a personal tour of the Canadian battlefields at Vimy Ridge and Passchendaele where my wife’s father participated and described the conditions, the Canadian battlefield strategy and what happened in each battle. Jim researched the battlefield actions of her father's company and showed us the military maps and documentation.  Jim also gave us a first hand look at the specific area in the Passchendaele battlefield (now a farmer’s field) where he was wounded. He showed us copies of the military reports, battle plans and casualty lists that allowed us to personally follow his footsteps in WWi.  Jim's vast knowledge of the cemeteries, and the soldiers who are buried there helped our understanding and appreciation of their sacrifice in WWI. Jim ran our tour without a hitch. He picked us up promptly each day and drove us to the Canadian battlefields and cemetery locations, some of which were small and would have been impossible for us to find on our own. While we were visiting some of the smaller Canadian WWI cemeteries we met other Canadians who were there on their own in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of a fallen relative. Jim explained the burial rites followed during and after the war and helped our fellow Canadians better understand their relatives final resting place. We were thankful and very pleased  that Jim so graciously shared his knowledge and understanding in such a kind and compassionate way. Would highly recommend CBT and your guide.
    Paul & Judy Sandulak
    Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • We are flying home at the moment and are taking the opportunity to send a few words about our tour. To summarize, the tour fully met our expectations and in the case of our time with Robert Catsburg in the Scheldt area, exceeded them. Notwithstanding that we had done research on our own we could not possibly have put together the tours we had with your guides. There is no substitute for local knowledge and the on the ground research that each guide did in relation to “Major Tom” and the Royal Regiment. All three without fail did what they said they would do. They were very good at reading us and pacing the tour appropriately. All were strong at developing a good personal relationship with us and were pleasant companions. All had “done their homework”. Of particular note is the depth of Robert’s scholarship and indeed passion for his subject. We were happy we never had to drive.  It would not have been as good an experience for us had we had to drive. Mark drove our car.  Robert and Berry drove theirs. In addition your suggestions for accommodation were good. We enjoyed the Hotel Bayeux, Tulip Inn and LOVED the Villa Rozenhof. We were spoiled by Berry and Yvonne at the Mondani. Anita at the Villa packed us a breakfast for our early flight from Amsterdam to LHR which lasted for three days! We chose CBT as a result of a recommendation by our friend Bob Lucas. We would not hesitate to recommend CBT to others.
    Anna Whitley & Fred Blair
    Ottawa, Ontario
  • I cannot reiterate enough how our tour exceeded all expectations. Jim was exactly the right choice for our wants and needs. At times, we almost felt we were in the battles that our fathers fought!  His skills as a guide were exemplary. It was obvious that his research regarding our individual fathers was extensive and we were pleased to receive copies of that information at the end of the tour. I will highly recommend your tour company without reservation. I might add that the personalized tour was the way to go for us. It certainly eliminated the areas that our fathers never fought in and therefore not pertinent for us. Thank you for helping to guide us through this very emotional but totally rewarding experience.
    Barbara Scott & Ruth Taylor
    Windsor, Nova Scotia
  • Thanks for contacting me about the trip.  My sister and I both agreed that it far exceeded our expectations.  It was clearly  customized to our requests - all of them. There was nothing generic about it.  Jim has an inexhaustible depth of knowledge and also an ability to organize the places we visited and the information he presented, in a very coherent way. He also inquired to see what we needed to help us understand.  I particularly wanted to understand the landscape  with respect to the various battles.   At every stop he anchored our discussions with excellent maps and he also kept us updated about our position while we were traveling. It was very satisfying. He never rushed us and answered every question. Whenever he provided perspective he also provided the reasons for his comments. That was also very reassuring. He was  a very well read and informative guide. The logistics of the trip were slick and well planned. There was no fuss about anything and we were never rushed  and yet there were always timely stops for food and loos. You mentioned that, given our interests,  we probably could not do better for a guide. I agree. I will highly recommend your company and Jim Smithson. Note: Pat & her sister took our WWI Tour
    Patricia Hunt
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • The tour with Jim (Canadian Battlefield Tours) was simply outstanding. It definitely exceeded any expectations we may have had. Jim provided an itinerary before hand detailing the tour timetable, more importantly, it was his in-depth knowledge of the historical facts and local geography which made the 3 days so memorable. He is a very likeable person, which made the travels quite enjoyable. We learned and witnessed so much. The sight of so many thousands of young people etched on graves and the walls will be us with forever. Jim personalized my Grandfather’s days around St Julian in April, 1915. Actually being in the area was moving. I really appreciated the background & the notes of those particular days. The Menin Gate ceremony stood out as one of many highlights. There was the live shell we came across next to a field or the recent burial of 4 Canadians from Hill 70. Would we recommend CBT… absolutely, no hesitation. My wife even suggested a WW2 tour in the future. Thank you again & please thank Jim.
    Bruce & Glenda Hayzelden
    Calgary, Alberta
  • The trip was all I expected and more. Ken was very knowledgeable and we had four great days together. I could not recommend him higher than I do. Four days was the right time for me. I would also tell anyone that intended tp go that to do so without a guide would be folly. Finding the places, let alone describing what happened at them, would be impossible.
    Warren Mitchell
    Vancouver, BC
  • Connie and I had a great time on the Canadian Battlefields tour.  Our guide was not only friendly and fun to be around, he was also an encyclopedia of knowledge. In fact, his depth of knowledge, and his ability to tell the stories in an engaging manner, made this tour extra special.  The added bonus? Sitting in the only Canadian Legion in Holland having dinner with his family.  We felt so very special.
    Don & Connie Campbell
    Vancouver, BC
  • We just got home yesterday and was about to send you a short note about our experience with your company.  Our two tours were great. Our WWI guide JOHN... was exceptional!!  We enjoyed his company immensely. John was so courteous and mindful about my condition (I'm in pain waiting for a hip replacement) and drove ever so careful over speed bumps and pot holes... and took the curvy roads in a very careful way as not to add to my discomfort. He was the best guide we have ever had in all of our travels. We will recommend your company and John to our friends who plan to do the same trip we just did. Our Normandy guide ROBIN was extremely knowledgeable and did a good job informing us on everything.
    Valerie & Henry Strong
    Vancouver, BC
  • The Normandy part of the tour was exceptional with Robin, he brings so much energy and pride to his tour. He gives a broad view of certain battles, but will focus on the individual stories, as he says " his-story". At the end of each 10 hour day he gives you a folder with all the information of the many topics covered that day. My dad and I were blown away.   The World War One portion with Jon was also very professional. He has very in depth knowledge of all the specific battles and weaponry. It never failed, every time we walked near a farmers field there was some form of war debris, including a couple of unexploded shells.   All in all a great memorable experience.
    Jeff Pentecost
    Burnaby & Vancouver, BC
  • The tour was amazing, far beyond our expectations!!! Andrew and I so enjoyed our time with Robin touring the WW2 battlefields and memorial sites. Today, Andrew and I started our “break day” with a visit to the Bayeux Tapestry, then we went to Dieppe and visited the Canadian War Museum to honour a great uncle of one of Andrew’s close friends. His grandfather, brother of his great uncle also served in WW2 after his brother, but is still alive (late 90’s now) and lives at the Veterans Retirement Residence at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Andrew and I were so excited to be able to take this trip/journey together, and extremely grateful to you!! Thank you so very much for making this dream come true for us. A huge thanks again for all your kind attention and amazing effort!!
    Marianne & Andrew Guizzetti
    Toronto, ON
  • The tour greatly exceeded our expectations. We had an absolutely fantastic tour with Richard Porter. It was a truly moving experience, especially the last day, during which he took us to the Somme area, where both my grandfathers were. Knowing their battalion number and regiment, he was able to pinpoint their exact location and movements. It was incredible. We will be talking about this vacation for a long time. Will heartily recommend your firm to anyone. Thank you so much!!
    Dr. Patricia Cairns
    Toronto, ON
  • The eight-day Canadians Choice Tour tour exceeded my expectations. Your guide Jim Smithson has a passion for and an encyclopedic knowledge of both WW II Normandy and the Western Front of WW I.  I was especially interested in sites associated with Canada.  He took me to many. Special was the “personal touch.”  Jim is a “keeper.”  I’d score him 10  / 10 ++!!
    Gord Yakimow
    Abbotsford, BC
  • Thank you for being our conduit to a wonderful educational experience. We met Andy at the train station in Arras and soon learned that we had the best tour guide possible. Andy is a wealth of knowledge and a great personality. After some brief planning and coffee at a local restaurant, we decided to take our journey south toward a number of Commonwealth Cemeteries, which included visits to Sere Road Cemetery No. 2, the Newfoundland Cemetery and of course the Bouchoir New British Cemetery where Gwyn’s uncle is buried. We travelled back to Arras for lunch, then during the afternoon we spent some time at Vimy Ridge Memorial and walked the grounds. We finished off with a visit to a German Cemetery nearby. I give your guide Andy Robertshaw top marks. Could not have been better. Gwyn and I are completely satisfied with this CBT experience, which we will recommend.
    Syd & Gwyn Perkins
    Tofield, Alberta
  • Mike was excellent!! Our tour experience was educational and enjoyable. We couldn’t have gained so much from the experience had we attempted it on our own. Mike was very accommodating and flexible to meet our needs. Mike is an excellent story teller and brought history to life. His car was comfortable and he was prompt in his arrival each day. Thanks so much for a tremendous experience!!
    Deborah Viel
    Yarmouth Nova Scotia
  • I thought I would let you know that the 3 days with Andy Robertshaw went great! He is extremely knowledgeable besides being fun to be around. The entire family enjoyed his company. He gave us new information and perspective on my Uncle Stuart Siddons’s  military service that I had not expected. I would be happy to give a recommendation to any of your, or his potential clients.
    Bill Boyd
    Marina del Rey, CA
  • We both thought the experience was very worthwhile and I believe we have come away changed. I now have an exceedingly deeper appreciation of what "thank you for your service" really means. We both believe it was a fabulous and worthwhile experience, but fun and relaxing are not two words either of us would use to describe the experience. I would highly recommend your organization and team for anyone interested in such a tour (but I would do my best to prepare them for the unpreparable, being the emotional impact, which really is what these tours really need to be about).
    Brent & Jason Moore
    Toronto, Ontario
  • I lost my father when I was twenty-five. He died at the age of fifty-six back in 1978. He was and continues to be a huge influence on me. He was a Lieutenant in the FSSF, 3rd Regiment. He left a leg on a path near Sospel, France. Finding the exact place where he was wounded in a quiet forest on the edge of a mountain in the Alps was profoundly moving. He had apparently crawled back to his men, ordering them to not come to his aid, thereby saving other lives as they found two more mines on the trail he had walked before stepping on the box mine. Gianni and Roland brought those years back into focus. They made history come alive. Gianni showed me a fountain where they would have stopped to drink. He showed me a path outside a headquarters building where they would undoubtedly have walked. Roland showed me the path of my dad’s last walk before being injured. I have been back in Canada about three weeks. I cannot stop thinking about our experience and the courage and sacrifice of these wonderful men.
    Paul Mergler
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Our Devil’s Brigade Tour went far beyond even our greatest expectations. Italy tour guide Gianni Blasi was so knowledgeable, accommodating and wonderful to be with. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Devil’s Brigade’s history, peppered with various anecdotes, made the tour so meaningful. As for the Franco – Italian Alps portion of the tour, French guide Roland Orengo led us on a 17 km hike to visit a battle site of great importance to us. It was his superb knowledge of the local terrain that allowed us to reach our destination. We never would have been able to get there without him. All in all, Canadian Battlefields Tours provided us with a once-in-a lifetime experience for which we will always be grateful.  And thanks so much for the time you put into it. It is a great package that should hopefully be enjoyed by many others in the future. I would recommend your tour company to anybody without any hesitation whatsoever. Thank you again!
    Brian Heller
    Toronto, Ontario
  • The tours were great. Robert and Berry really know their stuff, and their enthusiasm for the whole thing was really impressive. It's quite humbling to see people from another country show such an interest in ours - its a real shame our education system doesn't teach our kids nearly enough about this stuff. I will be in contact with both Robert and Berry to share with them some of the stuff I have from my grandfather, as they both expressed an interest in seeing it.
    Keith Marion
    Montreal, Quebec
  • Outstanding trip! We had such an unbelievable time and I owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for having recommended Gianni and Roland (Sospel) to us. They were both just unbelievable. Gianni was beyond excellent! We had an absolutely fabulous time with him. He is so knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and entertaining. Two thumbs up!
    Brian Heller
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Did our tours meet our expectations – it is a definite that they met them. Jon (WWI) was very good about including other things which were in the area of which we were travelling. I had no idea that the two cemeteries we visited would be so far apart considering that the Internet seemed to indicate that they were both at Calais. We did spend quite a bit of time in the car but Jon had a great store of info to pass onto us. Jan (LOH) was totally prepared for us. We knew ahead our itinerary and he had lots to pass onto us when we finished the tour. He has given us more info about books and websites and I fully intend to follow these up when the gardening season is less demanding. I also look forward to reading his book.
    Lois and Dick Dow
    Wolselely, Saskatchewan
  • My dad and I were extremely pleased with our tour.  Jim did an exceptional job taking us through the various sites.  His preparation, in-depth knowledge and passion for the subject were clearly evident. It was particularly poignant standing in the Dury Mill Cemetery and looking out over the fields, which hadn't changed much in the last 100 years, where my grandfather's battalion was advancing and seeing the area where he was likely wounded.  All in all, a very successful tour and we would highly recommend CBT and Jim as a guide.
    Sean Craig
    Petawawa, Ontario
  • The tour was just superb  – I can easily say that it exceeded expectations. Ken is a terrific guide – very talented at gearing the information to the client’s level –  and Karen looked after us very well in the B&B.  The trains were on strike in France, so Ken ended up picking us up at the airport as well as dropping us off there, which was very good of him.  They ended up helping us sort out more family history (aside from my uncle John, killed at Mount Sorrel) – we discovered what my father had been up to in WWI as well – nothing to do with the Western Front – flying seaplanes doing anti U-boat patrols in the Channel. I had no idea.
    Dr. Rosemary Henderson
    Charlottetown, PEI
  • Everything went well indeed and we really enjoyed Ken and his help in planning our days. Ken was at my hotel as arranged punctually in the morning. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ken. He was incredibly knowledgeable. He did not weigh me down with military strategy but always set the scene so beautifully filling in with a background of great interest to me. Gary, thank you for introducing us to Ken and for the arrangements you made on our behalf. I realize I have only touched the surface. If I manage to return to Northern France, I shall certainly be in touch with you. Thank you for your effort in sharing this important history.
    Hugh & Hally Siddons
    Toronto, Ontario
  • Our tour with Ken greatly exceeded our expectations. His knowledge of the battlefields was outstanding and his presentation captivating. His ability to weave actual stories into the information brought what we were seeing to life. His enthusiasm and passion for the information he had to share was most evident. Ken clearly went out of his way to provide us with locations and specific information regarding the contributions of Herbert Kiernan and Horace Cooper and that was much appreciated. For myself, it was especially poignant to visit the grave of my grandfather and take a picture of him and his son (my dad) together in front of the gravestone. It felt like re-uniting my dad with his dad, who had died when my dad was only eight years of age. That is a memory that I will always cherish.      
    Maureen & Gerald Borbridge
    Calgary, Alberta
  •   This was a wonderful, informative and highly moving experience. We count ourselves as being highly fortunate to have had Ken as our guide and Karen to host us in their lovely home in Flers. Ken needs to be nominated for 'cat herder of the year'! He is congenial, a walking encyclopedia of information and went out of his way to personalize it for us by featuring a trip to our friend's grandfather's grave site and to also help me understand where my grandfather' cousin served and was eventually wounded. Ken has a fine sense of timing and alters orders of sites and focus aspects as situations fluctuate. In a word he is stellar. I/we would highly recommend you and CANADIAN BATTLEFIELD TOURS and Ken as guide, and if the interested parties are REALLY lucky they might even get to meet Karen and be allowed to share her wonderful home.
    Fred & Deanna Hunt
    Calgary, Alberta
  • David & I have nothing but rave reviews for our WWI Tour and Ken & Karen - great historians, great hosts, off the charts! David & I had a great trip on the train to Amsterdam, and had a fabulous first day including evening dinner cruise - what an incredible city & people! I'm running on adrenaline now - need sleep.  
    Earl Walter & David Anholt
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Re: Battlefield Tour Marilyn and myself (Jim) had the privilege of doing a Canadian Battlefield tour hosted by Gary and Dianne McKay and I must say it was a very enlightening and humbling experience. Gary and Dianne and their tour guides did an incredible job in explaining each venue we visited, from the beaches of Normandy to the Dieppe 75 anniversary commemoration and finally to the incredible WWI monuments in memories of the extreme sacrifices made by all those young men and women. This will be a trip that we will never forget, so from Marilyn and myself we would like to thank Gary and Di, Mark our incredible bus driver, John, Mark,Ken and Jon, our tour guides and all the people on the tour, it was an absolute blast!
    Jim and Marilyn Abel
    Stettler, Alberta
  • Our trip was fantastic! I have a client that was inspired by my trip and have sent her your contact info and suggested she see if Ken if available.  Thanks to both of you.
    Carolyn Best
    Calgary, Alberta
  • Dear Gary, ​​I would like to express my gratitude to you for a great tour with your excellent guide John Moule. In a word, it was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. We covered the exploits of the Canadians from Juno beach, through their brutal encounters with 12th SS in Buron, Authie to Point 67, Verrieres Ridge and finishing with the destruction of the German armies at Falaise, with a visit to St Lambert-sur-Dives. Very few tour operators cover the inland battles, which is a pity, as it took the allies three months to break out of Normandy, which took great sacrifice, so I was very appreciative to be able to participate on Gary's two-day Canadian Experience tour. We covered the route of Operation Totalise. Gary was very accommodating as I was traveling solo. Our guide John has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Normandy campaign, and took the time to patiently answer all our questions. I would have no hesitation in recommending this tour.
    Ray Moroney
    Belfast, Northern Ireland