For many Canadian and British Veterans, the Battle(s) of the Scheldt were the worst of the war for them; worse than Normandy. We visit all the sites covered in Operations Switchback, Vitality, Infatuate, Suitcase and Woensdrecht. Please refer to our sub-menus for a detailed examination of these events which include the Breskens Pocket/Scheldt estuary, Flushing, Walcheren Causeway, Leopold Canal as well as Woensdrecht where the Black Watch suffered their worst day ever during the war on Black Friday October 13, 1944. You will visit these sites and many more, including the beautiful Canadian War Museum and the Canadian War cemetery, in Adagem, Belgium

The Canadians admirably accomplished their mission, enduring the most appalling conditions of mud and water, created by the German’s destruction of the dikes. The Canadian victories ultimately resulted in the opening of the vitally important Antwerp docks. Oddly, the Canadian and Polish success in accomplishing their tasks were ignored at the grand opening of the docks, where the Americans and British were on the podium. The Canadians and Poles weren’t invited!

Operation Switchback
Operation Infatuate & Vitality
Operation Suitcase
The Battle for Woensdrecht



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