Our prices are based on the work involved with planning, research and conducting your custom-made tour. Therefore, we spend a lot of time on the research and the development of itineraries, always with the goal of delivering the best possible price to our guests. Our custom tours are always unique and rarely are two tours the same, which makes it difficult to post ‘standard’ rates.

For an explanation of our detailed itinerary policy please see our Detailed Itineraries.

Included within your price, all quoted in Canadian Dollars is:

– All tour research, preparation and administration.
– All transportation and mileage within the battlefield area, with professional guide(s).

Additional charges will apply for:

– Any additional mileage outside the tour boundary area.
– Overnight tour guide expenses, if necessary. (Rarely happens)
– An alternative tour vehicle, depending on the size and requirements of your group .

Our quoted price does not include Flights, travel insurance, road tolls, museum entrance fees, meals/refreshments or accommodation. However we will assist you in providing travel and accommodation recommendations, when requested. There are many hotel booking sites but we have always liked https://booking.com.

Your tour will be a private, personalized tour, available anytime on a first come-first serve basis, ideally for groups of 1-3 people. Our personalization service allows you to participate in the structure of your tour itinerary. If you have special requests, like following the footsteps of a particular Veteran or unit, we are happy to accommodate whenever possible. If you do have an interest in a particular soldier or unit, please provide us with his details and we will do preliminary research to make your tour an even more meaningful experience.

Our tours are fully customizable and flexible. You can ‘mix and match’ to suit your own personal requirements, subject to time or budgetary constraints. For example, it is not unusual to have a customer wishing to combine a Normandy tour with a Liberation of Holland tour. Your tour options are endless. All we need to know to make your tour a reality is- what your primary interests are; how many days you have to tour, any special needs (dietary) or mobility issues; and the dates you would like for your tour. We will take it from there and organize your once-in-a-lifetime, personalized tour. Your itinerary will be very flexible and will allow you to spend as much or as little time as you choose at your specially chosen sites, so long as they are within the Battlefield tour boundaries. For many of you, this will be a pilgrimage trip of a lifetime, specially designed to suit your personal requirements and at your own pace.

Once we have agreed on the outline of your tour, we will require full payment to confirm your tour and dates. When full payment has been received, we will prepare, with your input, if you would like to participate – a detailed tour itinerary and you’re ready to go.

All sales are final. We do not have a cancellation policy, but most carriers provide cancellation coverage.

Postponement Policy – If you need to postpone your tour, we require a minimum of 60 days notice. The rescheduled tour must be taken within the same calendar year. 

We accept PayPal, Interac e-transfer, direct bank wire transfers, personal cheques or money orders.

Canadian Battlefield Tours, would be honoured and pleased to make your trip a reality. To begin your journey, go to our Contact Us page to access our online tour inquiry form or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail with an outline of your requirements to gary@canadianbattlefieldtours.ca.


Battle of Normandy – 4 Days

Your tour begins and ends in Bayeux, France. You will be responsible for getting to Bayeux and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/battle-of-normandy/

Battle of the Scheldt – 3 Days

Your tour begins and ends in Bergen-op-Zoom, Holland. You will be responsible for getting to Bergen-op-Zoom, and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/channel-tours-battle-of-the-scheldt/

Battle of the Rhine – 3 Days

Your tour begins and ends in Deventer, Holland. You will be responsible for getting to Deventer, and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/battle-of-the-rhine/

Liberation of Holland – 3 Options up to 9 days

1)     Battle of the Scheldt- 3 Days http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/channel-tours-battle-of-the-scheldt/

2) Battle of the Rhine- 3 Days http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/battle-of-the-rhine/

3) The ‘Final Phase’– 3 Days- http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/liberation-of-holland-3/

WWI Western Front – 4 Days

Your tour begins and ends in Arras, France. You will be responsible for getting to Arras, and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/ww1-battlefield-tour/

Canadians Choice (Normandy & WWI) – 8 Days

Your tour begins in Bayeux or Arras, France. You will be responsible for getting to Bayeux or Arras, and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/canadians-choice-tour/

Maple Leaf Route WWII – 12 Days

Your tour begins in Bayeux, France and ends in Deventer, Holland. You will be responsible for getting to Bayeux, and for your forward travel plans at the end of the tour, in Deventer. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/wwii-maple-leaf-route/

Dieppe – 1 Day

The tour explores the events of ‘Operation Jubilee’ in Dieppe. It is your responsibility to get to Dieppe, to begin the tour and to make your own arrangements for travel when the tour ends in Dieppe. https://canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/dieppe-tour/

WWII Italian Canadian Campaign – Devils Brigade – 5 Days

Join us for a truly unique one-of-a-kind tour that combines and follows the path of 1st Canadian Corps and the Devils Brigade through the pivotal WWII battlefields of Italy; the horrific battles for Ortona, Anzio, Monte Cassino, Rome and much more. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/devilsbrigade/

Operation Market Garden – 2 Days

You will be responsible for getting to Eindhoven, where we will pick you up and drop you off at the end of your tour.

This 2 day tour lends itself well to a combination of other tours, in the same general location. Combine it with our Scheldt tour; our Battle of the Rhine tour; our Liberation of Holland tour. Combine this MG tour with any these, or better yet- with all of them, for a 7-10-day tour!


Spanish Civil War – Canadian Mac-Pap Bn – 7 Days

This tour originates out of Madrid, Spain and combine a blend of Canadian Military History and Spanish culture. http://www.canadianbattlefieldtours.ca/spanish-civil-war-canadian-mac-pap-battalion-mackenzie-papineau/