Edwin Popken

Edwin Popken is a military historian with a specific interest in World War II. His interest in this war started at a young age, gradually expanding from reading books to searching archives and exploring the battlefields. He has a broad interest in World War II, but predominantly focuses on the 1944/1945 Rhineland operations such as Market Garden, The Battle of the Bulge, Huertgenwald (Hurtgen Forest), Veritable, Blockbuster and Varsity/Plunder. He continuously updates his knowledge of these events and the places where the fighting took place. Edwin has been active as a guide for several years. He has a broad experience as a guide working with families of veterans, school groups, and groups to the battlefields. When guiding Edwin always strives to give a thorough and lively account of the battle, its broader context and how both soldiers and civilians experienced it.

Edwin lives with his wife and three sons in Nuenen, The Netherlands, some 200 yards from the site where one of the e/506 Band of Brothers actions took place. He is a member of the The International Guild of Battlefield Guides, is pursuing a Master in Military History at the University of Birmingham (UK), and closely cooperates with several local war museums, in giving lectures and providing battlefield tours.

Edwin’s special areas of focus for guiding are:

WWII – Battle of the Rhine – Op. Veritable/Blockbuster/Plunder/Varsity

WWII – Market Garden

WWII – Battle of the Bulge

WWII – Liberation of Holland

WWII – Hurtgen Forest